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RKS fuel systems now available with Injector Dynamics

ID1000 = 1015cc/min (Set of 6 - $750)
ID2000 = 2225cc/min (Set of 6 - $1500)

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*Introducing a new generation of quiet 'ultra high output' single fuel pumps.*
All Intank units have only 1 pump.
Say goodbye to noise, complexity, and pump failures
Injector Dynamics 1000's
Turbine Pump
Up to 925hp
Stage 1
Veyron Pump
Up to 1200hp
Stages 2, 3
Magnafuel Pump
Up to 1900hp
Stages 3, 4
P'n'P Injector Clips for Supra
Billet Aluminum Injector Bosses for Supra
RKS INTANK UNITS - All Single Pump Units (750 - 1900HP)
The Home of Complete Supra Fuel Systems.
Complete Magnafuel System
Red Fuel Rails - Black Fittings
University of Waterloo Engine Dyno
Fuel Consultant